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MSA Engineering Consultants - Sustainable Design

Green Building Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Design

Traditional design practices often overlook the interrelationships between a building and its impact on the environment. Typical buildings consume more of our resources than necessary, negatively impacting our environment by generating unnecessary waste and consuming excessive amounts of our resources. The result is buildings that are more costly to operate in terms of energy and water consumption.  

The challenge for Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical engineering design teams is to design a facility that minimizes the impact on nonrenewable energy resources while enhancing building marketability and increasing worker productivity. Operational as well as initial costs will be minimized, while increasing the comfort, health, and safety of the building occupants. 

Our firm has successfully completed numerous renewable energy projects including work on Biomass, Geothermal, Solar Hot Water and Solar Photovoltaic systems. These alternate resource designs have helped our clients achieve greater energy efficiency and LEED certified status for their projects. 

MSA Engineering Consultants has been an integral member of design teams producing numerous certified, Silver and Gold buildings. Many of our design team members have achieved the LEED AP accredited professional designation. MSA Engineering Consultants enjoys working with inspired clients who wish to raise the bar and be leaders in the development of the communities that we live in. 

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