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MSA Engineering Consultants - Renewable Energy Design

Renewable Energy

MSA Engineering Consultants is actively involved in developing renewable energy systems including solar, biomass, and geothermal power markets.  MSA Engineering Consultants offers a full range of services to bring renewable projects from conceptual design to final completion.  In almost all client sectors, the need for improved energy management solutions and the demand for renewable energy systems create a growth market for MSA Engineering Consultants to deliver consulting and technical solutions.

Solar – Photovoltaic

MSA Engineering Consultants has provided engineering design services for multiple photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants in the South-West.  Our experience has given us the capability to integrate plant equipment operation or utility grid connections and optimize solar field equipment into cost effective, reliable configurations.  We have technically simulated and/or designed photovoltaic systems ranging in size from 20 KW to 200MW.

Solar – Hot Water

Solar hot water designs include closed loop-Glycol systems, closed loop-drain back systems, and open loop, seasonal/batch.  Small systems for commercial tenant use up to larger scale systems for spas/health clubs can be integrated into our domestic hot water system designs upon request.


MSA Engineering Consultants has provided designs for several waste-to-energy and fuel conversion projects.  Facility designs are generated readily and efficiently using our plant designs, collaboration tools.  The benefit is shortened equipment lead times, and shorter design schedules.  In traditional biomass to power plants wood feedstock is burned to boil water & produce steam. The steam is used to turn turbines which generate electricity. Companies that produce wood products and paper have taken advantage of biomass energy for decades.

Pellet Mills

Pellets are a form of renewable energy generally created from wood, but can also be produced from other sources such as agri-wastes and animal litter. Raw materials are ground, dried, and pressed to produce pellets. The resulting pellets can be used in industrial settings such as co-firing with coal or used in residential wood burning stoves. There are several grades available, mainly differentiated by the level of ash produced and BTU value.


Geothermal clients look to MSA Engineering Consultants to provide our in-depth knowledge of large, complex geothermal projects.  MSA Engineering Consultants geothermal experience includes projects in Nevada utilizing the earth for the design of heat exchangers in the form of well fields and ground loops.


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