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MSA Engineering Consultants core design services include the traditional disciplines of Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical & Information Technology Systems design. Our core market sectors include: Hospitality and Gaming, Education, Healthcare, Office, Performing Arts, Commercial and Sports Venues. Since our firm’s inception in 1978, MSA Engineering Consultants have successfully completed over 11,000 projects partnering with over 1,300 clients. Expertise, determination and five-star customer service are the building blocks that allow MSA Engineering Consultants to transform new contacts into lifelong clients and friends.
Sir Isaac Newton’s law of action and reaction is common place in contemporary culture, however, what is accepted as a certainty today was questioned for years, making development and progress the defining element. MSA Engineering Consultants have followed a similar path, rapidly evolving and building momentum towards our present authority in the design community and the future possibilities that avail. What began in 1978 in a small office above a bowling alley in Sparks, Nevada has grown into a multi-state leader. MSA Engineering Consultants is a necessary component for organizations seeking design consultation where form follows function; where the operational needs of the facility are significant and the forefront of design consideration. 
The firm was incorporated as MSA Engineering Consultants in 1983. Currently registered in over 40 states, MSA Engineering Consultants serves multiple geographic locations across the country where we provide a broad spectrum of design services for multiple market sectors. We believe that our market diversity is a key strength of our firm that helps mitigate the impact of regional cyclical markets we serve. At MSA Engineering Consultants, we pride ourselves on building long term relationships that stand the test of time.