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MSA Engineering Consultants - Architectural Lighting Design

In a commitment to project excellence and client satisfaction, MSA Engineering Consultants provides in-house architectural lighting and control systems design.  The firm’s lighting design team has contributed to the visual environment for a variety of regional, national and international projects.  We balance technical expertise, sustainability, maintainability and design aesthetics to produce lighting systems that enhance the project.  We bridge the gap between the architect and/or interior designer and the electrical engineer.

Our lighting experience includes architectural lighting and control systems for hospitality, casinos, hotels, restaurants, corporate headquarters, transportation, financial institutions, sports facilities, museums, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, landscape and exterior building facade lighting design.

Our design staff is comprised of lighting designers and engineers whose philosophy stresses the innovative application of proven technical standards.  We focus our designs on Aesthetics, Function, Maintenance and Cost.

Our lighting designs are based on maintainable engineered solutions.  We understand that ongoing operation of the systems will greatly impact the initial design if consideration is not given to the total solution.  We coordinate our lighting systems design with the mechanical/plumbing and electrical systems design.  We also understand the aesthetic needs of our client’s projects and work closely with the interior and project designers to achieve the design goals.

  • Architectural Lighting Systems and Controls
  • Back of House Lighting Systems
  • Exterior Pedestrian and Landscape Lighting
  • High-rise Tower/Facade Lighting Systems
  • Landscape/Pool Deck Lighting Systems
  • Building Façade Lighting
  • Sports Lighting Systems
  • Daylight Modeling and Optimization
  • Architectural Dimming and Control Systems
  • Creative Collaboration with Theatrical Lighting Systems Design


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