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MSA Engineering Consultants - Sustainability

MSA Engineering Consultants has adopted procedures and policies to participate in the global effort in sustainability and preserving our environment. These procedures have made it possible to monitor and manage our supply chain regarding environmental issues which includes purchasing “green” recyclable, reusable, non-toxic, bio-degradable supplies, products and materials.  Additionally, we set efforts in place to promote recycling, paperless communications and carpooling.

We also understand the importance that technology plays in these efforts, allowing us to move towards cloud-based document management and project collaboration.  This technology will also reduction of physical documentation processing and distribution, internal and externally, as well as promote online communication methods for a faster and more efficient process flows.

MSA Engineering Consultants environmental policy promotes the exploration of opportunities to work with communities, governments, and professional organizations to help articulate, teach and advance the principles of sustainability.

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